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Color A Creation Gemstones

RRP $17.99

A Field Guide To Gemstones Of The Pacific Northwest

RRP $15.95

This full-colour, laminated field guide is your introduction to the beauty and wonder of the gemstones found in the Pacific Northwest, a region famous for its variety and quality of earth treasures.

From purple amethyst, carnelian, chalcedony, black and white onyx and emeralds to sodalite, sapphire and many more valuable stones--discover what lies in the rich geology just below your feet. This convenient brochure will help you to develop a keen eye for spotting gems in the rough and become more knowledgeable about local gemstones that are the equal of any in the world.


RRP $18.99

Over the course of a 22-year period near the end of the last century, a woman named Eva Pierrakos spoke the wisdom offered by a spirit entity known only as the Guide. Together they created nearly 250 lectures along with countless Q&As, resulting in a robust trove of wonderful spiritual teachings. In the final 50 or so lectures, the air gets a little thinner, with the words carrying a slightly finer vibration than the previous 200. This likely owes to the way this work gradually lifted Eva's vibrational frequency over the course of her life; the same can happen for anyone who pursues this path of personal self-development and spiritual purification. This collection includes one-of-a-kind messages for guiding us to recover the sparkle in our spirit: 1 Expanding Our Awareness and Exploring Our Fascination with Creation 2 The Evolutionary Process & Why We Can't Stop It 3 How Consciousness Evolves Between Individuals and Groups 4 Claiming our Total Capacity for Greatness 5 Facing our Deepest Fear and Unfolding our Greatest Longing 6 Finding Balance Within Instead of Banking on Outer Rules 7 Rolling with Change and Overcoming Fear of Death 8 The Pain of Injustice and the Truth About Fairness 9 Why Lazy is the Worst Way to Be 10 Spotting the Tricks of our Ego and Getting Over Ourselves 11 Four Avenues for Reaching the Cosmic Nougat at our Core 12 Four Pragmatic Steps for Finding Faith and Addressing Doubt 13 Landing our Desires by Letting Go of our Demands 14 How to Visualize Living in a State of Unity 15 Surrendering to the Double-Sided Nature of Duality 16 Relaxing into the Struggle to Find the Oneness As always, these teachings reflect the Guide's genius for offering multiple perspectives on topics related to the practical matter of living, forever presenting yet another facet to consider. They are gems indeed.


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